"RCN, real estate, consulting and our representative Jasna Benedik is the best thing that has happened to me and my Company as we have been navigating the challenging process of transitioning our home and business from the US to Slovenia. Jasna's extensive knowledge, skills and expertise has saved us time, energy and money. Her warm, calm professionalism and attention to all details in our sometimes complicated transactions made her stand above all other companies and agents we have worked with. We call Slovenia the "Biggest little Country," Ljubljana the "Biggest little Capitol City," and REconsult the "Biggest little Real Estate Consulting Firm" we have ever experienced in our extensive world travels and business dealings. It is what drew us here and is what we love about Slovenia. Thank you, Jasna!"

 Leslie DePol - CEO, Polarity Partnerships


RCN, real estate, consulting has a very creative approach of real estate deals, sourcing ideas that make things happen.

Decathlon - Xavier Galice, International Real Estate Director

PEBA d.o.o.                                                                                                                             Ljubljana, 18 January 2017
Bogišićeva 2

Dear Sir/Madam,

The PEBA d.o.o. in Ljubljana has been leasing its own properties (four apartments) for over fifteen years. In this time, the company has cooperated with several real estate agencies.

Luka Močnik began working with us three years ago, and have been entrusting him with our business ever since.

Luka has shown a highly professional attitude towards both parties in the business. His approach to work is responsible and he always tries to find optimal solutions for both parties involved. He tries to find the missing information and is capable of independent thought.

He is honest and presents the facts. Thus, he builds trust and a good foundation for further cooperation. He is also aware that future cooperation requires fairness and an honest relationship.

It is particularly commendable that he respects agreed appointments and he is ready to adapt to the client’s schedule at any time of day.

He completes the transaction successfully and he later inquires about our satisfaction with the tenant and potential problems he could help us solve.

He also cooperates with the competition, which is rarely seen with other agents/agencies that usually protect the information about their clients’ inquiries.

We are pleased that we have finally found a person we can rely on, trust and hope to cooperate with in the future.

Best regards,
Barbara Perne

PEBA d.o.o. procurator

Tosidos d.o.o.
Šlandrova 4b
SI-1231 Ljubljana Črnuče

Subject: R E F E R E N C E

We acknowledge that the RCN team has proved to be a proactive, professional and reliable partner in the preparation and implementation of the advertising project “Serviced apartments in Radovljica” and in the sale of properties.

Best regards!

Simon Jan

It was always a great pleasure to cooperate with Luka Močnik in arranging the sale of properties. His professionalism and understanding of clients have completely changed my perception of real estate brokerage. Such quality services are worth the commission.

Andrej Štebal

" My experience with the RCN agency and the real estate agent Urša was the best decision regarding the sale of our apartment. She was extremely proactive, hard-working, caring and with good sense and judgment. She decided to find us the best possible buyer, and she did. I will definitely embark on my next real estate venture together with her"

Irena Pavčič, PR consultant

"Beti d.d. has hired the real estate agent Nika Lovrin several times to sell its business-unneeded real estate. Mrs. Lovrin proved to be an extremely professional and successful agent."

"In relations with clients, she is proactive, professional and reliable, and she also shows perseverance and at the same time patience with both the buyer and the seller. We were very satisfied with her help and engagement, as she is a friendly, expert and professional agent, always available to her customers"

"That's why we recommend Niko Lovrin to everyone who wants to sell or buy real estate"

Branko Matkovič, member of the Board of Directors of Beti d.d.

"We would like to thank you for selling the apartment professionally and in a very short time in your company and offering us the opportunity to buy a larger apartment. There are very few apartments in Ljubljana that are suitable for young families and are affordable. I really liked your responsiveness and consideration of all our wishes. We are very satisfied with the apartment as it perfectly meets our needs. RCN real estate agency is definitely trustworthy and we will recommend it to all our friends, acquaintances and relatives who may need your services in the future services. We wish you every success in your future work"


The Renko family

I would like to commend your team. At the bank, we have a lot of contact with clients and we have various experiences with real estate agencies. Your colleagues are extremely responsive, friendly and professional. Every question I had was answered professionally and with a great deal of professionalism. The entire documentation was prepared on time and in accordance with the agreements."

"You can be very proud of your team. I am already sharing the satisfaction with you."

"I wish you continued successful business."

Milena Popović, head of the bank's branch office

Urša, we were very satisfied with your quick response and kindness, your advice and help, thank you for everything.

I would choose RCN real estate again and I would recommend you to anyone.

Katarina Batista

I decided to purchase the property through RCN real estate. From the very beginning to the end, everything was correct and professional.

The biggest thanks goes to Urša Svečak for her kindness, help and support in buying an apartment. She was always available, if I didn't understand something she explained it several times.

If I had to decide again, I would choose to work again with Urša Svečak through RCN real estate.

Thank you again for all your kindness and help. Greetings,

Teja Lovrenčič

The RCN team has been my indispensable real estate partner for the past 5 years. They have already helped and carried out several different sales, from houses to tourist apartments. They have shown proactivity and the ability to solve many complex operational issues in the execution of deals and have earned my trust and respect."

ŠPICA LN d.o.o.,

Metod Podržaj, director

Due to a coincidence and to a set of life circumstances I came across the agency RCN. At that time I

was buying a flat and a real estate they were offering, caught my eye. It was not my first experience in

dealing with the real estate but most certainly the least stressful.A member of the team, Jasna, won my

confidence from the first moment I met her; she showed a certain warmth and energy and offered at

the same time a real treasure of precious knowledge which I, as an ordinary buyer – of course- did not

have. She answered all my questions with patience and kindness, allowed herself enough time

whenever needed, was able to remove all my fears and carried out the deal so effectivelly and

professionally that I did not have any more efforts with it and had no more stress. She also took care of

me that I moved to a new home happy and easy.

At the time I thought to myself: if I ever want to buy or sell any of my properties, I will most certainly

turn to Jasna again and do the deal with the agency RCN. However, I did not need to wait long but this

time I was the one who was selling something. The situation was, due to various owners and different

interests, rather difficult and it seemed that it would be nearly impossible to sell this property. After

months when eager work, effort, patience as well as a great deal of knowledge and skills were

required, the deal was successfully closed. At the end we all agreed that without the help of Jasna we

would never succeed. It was a complicated case that did not require just a good knowledge of real

estate legislation but also a great deal of trust in Jasna. Her posture and relation to the matter was

highly appreciated.

It is often a good and trustful relationship between tha client and the agent that is missing. The agent

RCN can be highly recommended to everyone who wants to close such a deal without stress and with

a lot of understanding, coming from the agent. Their devotion to the job and their inexhaustible

positive energy can not possibly dissapoint anyone.

Mateja Babič, journalist