7 reasons to choose us;

1. Lean back and relax because we do all the work for you.

The last thing you need in this rapidly changing world is more stress. This is why the RCN takes care of everything you need, so that your experience is pleasant and stress-free. Our comprehensive solution to your challenges includes efficient real estate services and a complete set of other services such as obtaining financing offers, preparing, monitoring and managing investments, real estate appraisal, designing market research and comparative studies, marketing consulting and managing advertising campaigns, market investigation etc.

2. We adapt to your needs

Nowadays, people are particularly busy, so it is crucial that the consultants are at your disposal whenever you have time. Our consultants adapt to your demands and are available at almost any time.

3. Professional and thorough

A flawless real estate affair requires professionalism and thoroughness on the part of the realtor. Our realtors have adequate education and necessary knowledge to conduct even the most complex real estate affairs.

4. Your property deserves the best presentation

The presentation of your property can speed up the sale or halt it completely. This is why the RCN focuses on the main advantages of your property and offers potential customers a concise, yet complete presentation. We learn about every bit of information that might be interesting to the client (verification of legal status, urbanistic conditions, architectural plans etc.). The graphic presentation is done with the help of professional photographers, and the contracts are drawn up by experienced lawyers. If the client wishes, experienced architects can do the consulting, and we can carry out an official appraisal of your property.

5. The latest technology and care for our planet

Technology is the tool that facilitates you real estate experience, while also reducing pollution. In the field, our agents use electronic tablets, which allow them to present the property quickly and comprehensively, use various visualizations and make direct comparisons with competitive properties. We were the first to introduce paperless operation, which allows you to sign contracts, protocols, records or agreements immediately. Moreover, it greatly contributes to the efficiency of closing a business and it does not use paper (the trees will be grateful).

6. More than just an intermediary

A good personal relationship is usually missing from the relationship between the client and the real estate agent. This is why the RCN is determined not to make business, but to make friends. We will establish a friendly relationship, in which you can trust us with your (innermost) desires – and we make them real.

7. Long term trust

The RCN is known for building long term relationships with our clients. Successful long term relationships are based on trust, which is built by paying careful attention to your wishes and by realizing those wishes as promised. This is why the clients often return after having successfully cooperated with us the first time, and our friendship is solidified by conducting more successful operations.